Our Matchmaking Process

Fast, Easy & Effective Methods for Achieving Romantic Success

Our matchmaking process is fairly simple however it also can be fairly intense in an effort to quickly identify a host of potential ladies that may become your future lifemate. The normal process will take between 90 and 120 days (3 to 4 months) but, depending upon the client, can proceed faster or slower. Every client’s needs, preferences, and personal situations are different. So, of course, we take that into consideration and can adjust our matchmaking process accordingly and customize our initial plan to your needs.

Below is a general outline of how our Professional Executive Matchmaker plan works:

Pre-Contact Exploration

This is a little bit of preliminary work on your part prior to making the decision to contact us.

  • We highly encourage you to explore all of the information on our website so that you have a good overview of what you are about to experience with our company and services. Take some notes. Make a list of questions to ask. This will give you the best level of understanding of the entire process BEFORE you take the next step in your journey.
  • Understand that we are a specialized INTERNATIONAL matchmaker. Our focus is to expand your romantic horizons beyond your local borders under the assumption that you have not had much success finding a special person within your own region or country. If this is not within your scope of interest, we can often recommend some reputable matchmakers that may better meet your needs.
  • Explore how much our matchmaking services cost. And your responsibilities in this regard. We are one of the few professional matchmakers that actually clearly publish their fees and the nuances of those fees depending upon your needs. All things considered, we think that you will find our costs to be surprisingly reasonable.
  • You can also explore some of our active women's profiles from different regions of the world to see what real opportunities may be available to you. We have literally tens of thousands of active ladies who are serious about finding someone special in their life.
  • As an arm of the AFA Singles Network, we have literally hundreds of corporate and affiliate offices across four continents worldwide supported with more than a thousand assistant matchmakers and support staff. Generally, this would include Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Usually, our clients will focus on one of these major regions for their search and our basic matchmaker fees include one of these regions. Expanding your geographical search may incur additional costs since we have to engage additional staff in the process. Your choice(s) can be discussed however you should formulate an idea of what your geographical preference may be.
  • Having done your research and somewhat educated yourself as to what our services entail and how your experience will work, you can make the decision to move to the next step and contact us to explore your opportunities further WITHOUT ANY OBLIGATION whatsoever.

NOTE: If you are thinking that our more intense Executive Program is not for you at this time, you can still explore your international dating and marriage opportunities by participating in our International Singles Network. While still matchmaker assisted, this will be less personal and more of a premium DIY approach that can STILL give you a tremendous opportunity to find and meet that special person for you.

Initial Contact

You have explored our website, made some notes, and are interested in getting some questions answered and exploring the opportunity more. Again, there is no fee or obligation to do this.

  • You can call our main office in Phoenix at (602) 539-8000 anytime during normal business hours (MST). Or you can submit our “Interest Inquiry Form (Get Started) with a few details about you and have one of our executive staff contact you.
  • This initial contact conversation can be by telephone or Zoom or Skype video. We want to make sure that all parties have sufficient time and attention to answer all of your questions during this initial conversation. That said, if the initial contact is not convenient for both parties, we may want to schedule a more convenient time for both parties.
  • If you are feeling serious at this point, you may also complete and submit our in-depth “Preference and Personality Assessment” form. This is optional at this time however just gives us a little more information about you upfront.
  • Subsequent to this conversation, having addressed all of your immediate questions, concerns, and objectives, you can make the decision as to if and when you may want to continue the process.

In-Depth Personal Meeting - Meet Your Professional Matchmaker Team

Now you are getting serious. You may or may NOT have decided to engage our services at this point. But, in either event, you have gathered enough information to know that you want to move further into the process. As before, there is NO matchmaker fee for this meeting although the client is responsible for any costs that may be incurred to facilitate this meeting (travel costs - which can be discussed beforehand).

Here is an overview of the purpose and objectives of this meeting:

  • We arrange a day for an extended personal meeting with you that will normally last about 4 hours (normally including lunch). This will be at our offices in Phoenix, Arizona however, at the client’s option, can also be at the client’s home if it is feasible for our staff to travel to their location (either way, all travel-related costs are to be paid by the client).
  • During this meeting, you will meet our executive staff and also your personal matchmaker who will lead your search and also be your contact and personal assistant, consultant, translator, and coordinator throughout the entire process.
  • This meeting is not essential or REQUIRED to use our services but we believe it is a VERY IMPORTANT step in the process since it is an opportunity for us to get to know you much better as well as your objectives, preferences, personality, and background all giving us a much better chance of finding that person who is perfect for you. Conversely, you also get the opportunity of getting to know the people, in person, whom you will be working with throughout the process giving you a much higher comfort level.
  • We will discuss in-depth our mutual responsibilities and what to expect throughout the process.
  • We will review your preferences and objectives in-depth and mutually develop a plan and strategy with you of how to best achieve those for your ultimate romantic success.
  • We will take some photos, and shoot a brief video with you to help develop a profile for you that can be CONFIDENTIALLY disseminated to our appropriate offices and matchmakers around the world to assist in your search. If you have photos or videos that you would like to include, you should provide them at this time.
  • During or after this meeting, if you have not already, you can decide if you want to make a deposit for our services and agree to move forward. Up to and including this meeting, there is no obligation on your part beyond any costs that may have been incurred to facilitate the meeting. You can make an immediate decision or take some time to consider it.

The First 60/90 Days: Your Lead Matchmaker Gets Busy

NOTE: The period of days noted in this overview can vary depending upon the client. It is provided for general example only however reflects the NORMAL target duration of our process. Circumstance may present the need for some patience OR could conversely create a much more expeditious process.

You have decided to engage our services, you’ve made your deposit and now it’s time to get busy. Here’s what to expect during this initial stage of the process.

  • Our staff will prepare your personal profile and bio to be confidentially provided to our offices and worldwide matchmakers as appropriate. This helps our foreign staffs get to know you as well as assist in measuring interest from potential candidates.
  • Your lead matchmaker, along with our foreign support staff, will begin searching through thousands of ladies profiles to find potential matches for you. They will begin to gauge possible interest in you from these early candidates.
  • You will also have the opportunity to browse thousands of women's profiles online and provide those of interest to your lead matchmaker to explore for you.
  • As good potential candidates begin to be identified, your personal matchmaker will conduct a personal interview with each candidate via phone or Zoom/Skype to determine the level of interest and gauge the potential of a high-level match for you.
  • As potential matches present themselves, throughout the process, your lead matchmaker will provide them to you for your input and opinion.
  • Once candidates are identified as having good potential and interest, your lead matchmaker will assist you in opening communication with those women via letters, telephone, and/or often with Zoom/Skype video calls (see what’s included with your fess here). This way you can develop a dialog and get to know them better before deciding to actually meet them. If necessary, you will be assisted with a translator to ensure good communication (who will normally be your lead matchmaker).
  • Your lead matchmaker will be an experienced expert (often native) of the cultures and tendencies of the region that you are searching in and will often consult with you regarding any cultural matters.
  • The objective of this early stage of the process is to identify between 8 and 15 HIGH-LEVEL candidates that have very good potential to move to the next stage of actually MEETING THEM!

The Next 30 Days: Refine the Candidates - Prepare to Travel - Meet Your Potential Brides!

We’ve identified a group of women that seem to have a high potential of being a perfect match for you and are enthusiastic to meet you. Now it’s time to move to the next and MOST EXCITING stage. Actually MEETING THEM! That’s the only way to be able to test the true chemistry between you and you have to meet them to marry them!

  • Your lead matchmaker and our staff will assist you in making a travel plan and arrangements for meeting all of the ladies determine to be high-level candidates.
  • We will assist you, if needed, in continuing communication with your top candidates.
  • We will make arrangements with our foreign staffs to set up the meetings and assist you with any needs you may have at your destination(s).
  • We will continue to monitor new profiles for other potential candidates as we generally have more than 100+ new applicants every week.
  • Head to the airport! Get ready for the most exciting adventure of your life!