Why Love International Professional Matchmakers?

We Invite You to COMPARE Our Services to Any Other Even High-End Elite Level Matchmakers

This is the page where we toot our own horn a little bit to help you compare all of your options, which can be many. If you are not open to exploring an international relationship with someone from another region of the world, then our service is not for you. If you are seriously considering expanding your romantic horizons and chances for long-term success, then please consider the information below and all of the other information that we offer throughout our website. We would be excited to have the privilege of helping you change your life forever. Below are some “reasons” to consider when choosing your custom matchmaker.

REASON: Reach - Scope of Potential Matches

Does any other professional matchmaker offer worldwide reach and opportunity with hands-on staff and literally tens of thousands of real, verified, active profiles of beautiful marriage-minded women?

No, is the answer. There is literally no other hands-on professional matchmaker in the world that has the reach and international infrastructure that we offer.

REASON: Experience

Does any other matchmaker service have the experience that we offer?

Possibly. However, with 27 years of experience behind us, you will be hard-pressed to find a matchmaker service with as much or more experience.

REASON: Preference Flexibility

I have some personal preferences that may be difficult to match. What type of matchmaker could best help me achieve success?

Of course, this depends upon what those preferences are, but we would say a matchmaker with a very broad reach and more than 40,000 active profiles with 150 to 200 new applications coming in weekly would give you the best chance for success. Do you know a professional matchmaker who can give you that?

As an example, it’s not unusual for us to have male clients who are in their late 40’s 50’s or 60’s seeking their lifemate but who still want to have children and create a family. Obviously, this means they are looking for a special woman who is possibly much younger than them. This may be extremely difficult for them to find in their native culture. However, in many foreign cultures, considerable age differences between mates can be very acceptable and even preferred with some women.

This is just one example. There are numerous others. But clearly, there is no other company in the world that can offer you the expertise and understanding of how to meet the challenges of your preferences.


How does your cost compare to other matchmaker services?

We invite you to explore and actually contact numerous other hands-on, professional matchmakers (most will not publicly publish their fees as we do - you will have to contact them). We believe that you will find that most of the elite, high-end matchmakers want to charge between $25,000 up to even $100,000 for their services. Consider not only what they DO offer, but what they CAN offer compared to what you find here.

We’ll let you make the assessment and answer that question yourself.


How does your company compare to others as far as how quickly things can move along?

Many other services require a LOT of patience as the process can be somewhat drawn out. This is largely due to their limited reach and lack of matching qualified candidates. Of course, also depending upon your preferences, etc.

Assuming that you don’t have preferences and conditions that would be considered a “very tall order” (so to speak), our AVERAGE process takes 90 to 120 days (3 to 4 months) before you actually start MEETING women who we have already determined that you have a high interest in and that THEY also have a high interest in you. For some men, it can be faster or for others, it can take a little longer.

That’s pretty fast. To meet at least between 8 and 15 women (sometimes more) with a mutual interest in each other.

REASON: Success Rate

What is your success rate?

We can say with confidence that our success rate for clients with our Executive Matchmaker plan is over 70% within the time frames that we outline above. To be clear, we define “success” as a couple actually meeting and becoming engaged. Essentially, realizing their objective.

Some men may take a bit longer to realize success, This could be added to that rate. A very small percentage of men may not find success and, of course, we cannot guarantee your success. But you will be hard-pressed to find any of our previous clients, successful or not, who will tell you that they regret the experience (or the cost) or that they did not get the opportunity that they were seeking.

Those are numbers that are hard to compete with.